You may experience some concerns about filming overseas especially if it is your first time.  You need not worry.  Magic Island Productions is a One Stop Shop.  We will fulfill all your needs from the start to finish in a prompt and responsible manner and serviced in a Japanese Management style.

Upon request, we will :

  • Promptly submit our enormous source of materials and information.
  • Assist you in obtaining a P & O visa and VISA entry application through HIFA’s Waiver Program.
  • Provide Carne clearance
  • Process and submit location permit applications.  When choosing a location, it is easy to get caught up in the beauty of the location or how perfectly it fits within your image.  Depending on the location, there may be cultural or environmental sensitivities to consider that we will advise you of.
  • Arrange hotel and vehicle reservations: When available we will offer discount prices.
  • Secure required production equipment such as cameras, grip/ lighting equipment, audio and playback, props, etc etc.  We will also provide the necessities for aerial & water filming.
  • Pre-test camera upon request to include a “scratch test” for all film cameras with Telecine process in a certified lab.  Pre-test all video cameras.
  • Provide TSA Private Screening for all undeveloped film traveling back to Japan.

In addition, we work with a few world class photographers from Hawaii that has shot film/video/stills for a number of major companies around the world.

Underwater photographer profile:


Don King is a Hawaii born photographer, cinematographer, and film director. He is renowned worldwide for his photographic and cinematic images of ocean surface waves and surfing. His works include ‘Blue Crush’, ‘Lost’, Hawaii 5-0 and numerous commercials and magazine ads.

larry_haynes_photoLarry is referred to as a genius & pioneer of the surf film / video world. He is based on the North Shore of Oahu and has shot underwater footage around the world.  He has received numerous awards from various surfing magazines.。


clark_little_photoAward-winning photographer Clark Little was born in California and moved to the North Shore of Oahu (Hawaii) which dramatically changed his future.  He has gained worldwide recognition for his North Shore shore break wave photography.

Aerial photographer profile:


tom_sanders_photoTom is unparalleled as an aerial photographer of skydiving and hang gliding.  He has a natural talent to capture the “moment” with his uncanny intuition.